Voiceless film update: interview with Howard Garrett

In May, we headed out to Whidbey Island, WA to spend some time exploring, filming and interviewing. While unfortunately we missed the southern resident Orca (J,K,L,) pods on  this trip, we did get to witness and shoot some great imagery of baleen whales, (Minkes and Grays) off the coast.

It was thrilling and a complete privilege to be able to witness these creatures up close and personal. There are really no words to describe the feeling of being close to these massive, wild beings.

Most exciting, however, was the opportunity we had to interview Howard Garrett, co-founder of the Orca Network. We visited Howard and Orca Network co-founder Susan Berta at their picturesque home on Whidbey Island to film an interview that will be featured in our upcoming YouTube film campaign, Voiceless.

Getting to sit down and talk about Orcas with Howard was a great privilege for me, as in my early activism I read his papers and studies released through the Orca Network’s website religiously, and gained much insight on what directions Blue Freedom should take based on the facts and statistics I discovered.

Katie Emmons, founder and president of Blue Freedom, and Howard Garrett, co-founder and president of Orca Network

In addition to our initial interview, we also talked with Howard about Lolita, her current situation and what actions are being taken now to urge for her humane return to her home in Washington waters.

Quoting from the Orca Networks website, here are some great and simple ways that you can participate in helping us reach the goal: Lolita’s freedom from 40 years in captivity.

“Please contact Palace Entertainment and ask that Lolita be released back into the waters of her birth. Please be courteous and concise, and simply express your wishes for Lolita in a positive way. We are not aware of the intentions of the company, so this is to acquaint the new owners with the groundswell of public opinion in favor of Lolita’s return to her home waters.”


 Fernando Eiroa, President and CEO
c/o Palace Entertainment
4590 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 400
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Email: Fernando Eiroa
CC: administrator@palaceentertainment.com
CC: marketing@palaceentertainment.com

 or use the online comment form

Not sure what to say in your comments to Palace Entertainment? Here’s a quick, simple but effective message:

Dear Palace Entertainment,
I am a concerned citizen, urging you to make the right decision in the case of Lolita the orca whale who has been held captive in Miami, FL for the past 40 years. 

Captivity of intelligent, sentient cetaceans is an outdated and unethical practice, and it is now viewed internationally in a very negative light. It is a thing of the past and not the future.

Please take this opportunity to shine as an innovative company by returning Lolita to her native waters for rehabilitation. It is the right thing to do, and I urge you to make this positive decision. 

Thank you.

Track updates about this project for Lolita’s release here. Also, be sure to like up the Orca Network’s Facebook page to stay up to date on this campaigns progress.

In addition to these updates, we also interview Howard about the upcoming film Fragile Waters, about the endangered Southern Resident orcas. “The film will create awareness of this fragile population of orcas, and inspire people to work together to help bring back our endangered orcas, and the endangered salmon they depend upon to survive.” (Read more here.)

Our exclusive interview with Howard about the film should be up soon– so keep your eyes peeled.