2013 here we come!

Thanks to you, 2012 was a success!

Here’s a quick overview of what we accomplished:

• We started our organization! With volunteers spread throughout the country and internationally, we are proud to be a group of mostly teenagers who are making a difference in the lives of these amazing animals.
• We began filming our documentary Voiceless. We’ve filmed interviews and shot on-location footage in Maine, Florida, etc. We’re stoked!
• We took our Voiceless talks to our first- of many -classrooms! We were so thrilled to talk to our first class of fifth and sixth graders- they were so into it! The truth about captivity and the plight of cetaceans was something new to them- and they were totally inspired when they learned that they have the power to change it.
• We were able to launch a campaign to raise awareness for the Disney Dolphins. Thanks to our Change.Org petition, our message has gone big with the public- urging Disney all the more to do the right thing by humanely releasing these four dolphins to seapens for rehab.
• This November we launched our third Free Tilly Now campaign to support the humane release of Tilikum, the largest orca whale kept in captivity (captured in 1983). The word is getting out- and the support we’ve received is phenomenal.

There’s absolutely no way we could have done all this without your support and financial help.
Thank you for your comments of support and for helping us spread the word!

If you think this group is relevant and effective, I ask you to please consider giving a beginning-of-year donation to help us continue filming Voiceless in 2013.

We’re looking forward to another exciting year of helping make this beautiful planet a more ethical place for cetaceans.