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Hey, thanks for checking out our new blog! You probably haven’t heard of us yet; We’re the Blue Freedom Foundation, a new and innovative group totally dedicated to educating the world about the cruelties of the captive marine mammal industry and also on the importance of ocean preservation.

You’ve probably heard of our ongoing campaign to free Tilikum the largest captive Orca whale on the planet (FreeTillyNow.Org)

We continue to fight for his freedom and for the liberation of these incredible whales and dolphins being held in captivity, but now we’re taking it even further:

So, you might be asking yourself what is the deal here, exactly? Why are whales and dolphins still being kept in captivity with today’s technology? Where do they come from? How are they treated? Why are they there?

You may have heard ambiguous or biased information in the past on this issue, so maybe you’re not sure what to believe;

Our mission is to simply provide facts: to essentially show you the captive marine mammal industry from the inside and out.

Because we too asked that powerful question:

Well, that’s what our blog is all about: shedding light on this incredibly important issue.
You can join us right here and right now, as we count down the release of our website and documentary. Go ahead and follow.

– Blue Freedom Team