Tilikum, or Tilly, was captured in November of 1983 and has spent his life in various concrete tanks ever since.
He lives in a small pool located behind ‘Shamu Stadium’ at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida.
Wild Orcas are one of the most intelligent, social beings on the planet.
They form indescribably strong, close-knit family bonds.
A wild orca whale will live with his or her family for their entire life.
When a pod member is captured, it does, quite literally, tear the family apart.

He is living in unnatural, chemical-filled water, and, the majority of the time, has no protection from the sizzling Orlando sun.
He is denied interaction and even toys to stimulate him.
He is force-fed medications to prevent stomach ulcers from the daily stress and depression.
The majority of the day, he is found floating limply at the water’s surface, watching the other orcas perform or simply bobbing aimlessly in the water.
He’s lonely, frightened and heartbroken.
Punished for a crime he doesn’t even understand.
It’s time to make a change for the better in this individual’s life.
We are working towards Tilikum’s freedom: Release to a coastal sea-pen, where he will receive 24-hour medical and rehabilitation attention.
He will be returned to healthy, natural sea water and will learn to catch and eat un-medicated, live fish by himself.
He will no longer be used as a “cash-cow” for big business, but will be, once again, his own free being and, if he is able, will be released, back into his home waters of Iceland.
It can be done successfully with your help and support.

Recently, he was re-included in the ‘Shamu Show’, which only means he is allowed to enter a slightly larger pool for several minutes to splash the audience. Trainers are not allowed near him at anytime.
SeaWorld literally uses Tilikum as a breeding machine for their own profit.