• In the wild, dolphins can travel from 40 to 80 miles a day, using echolocation and sonar which they rely upon as acoustic creatures.

• In captivity, they are confined to barren concrete tanks where they are forced to perform circus tricks for the paying public. They are unable to use echolocation- as the sound waves ricocheting off of the tanks walls create stressful confusion for these animals- in some cases causing them to go literally insane.

• In the wild, they hunt live fish, and have a natural diet.

• In captivity, they are hand-fed dead fish and are routinely given various medications to prevent serious ailments- such as stomach ulcers -which are a result of the stress in captivity.

Four male dolphins are currently being held at Disney World’s Epcot Park in very poor conditions. They live in a murky pool surrounded by observation windows lined with people, screaming children, loud music, amplified voices and other stressful sounds.
They are literally treated as a ‘side-show’, and there is little to no information released publicly about them.
Disney claims that these dolphins are involved in ‘research programs’ at their park, but by simply visiting Epcot, it quickly becomes clear that there is no educational or conservation outcome.
These dolphins do NOT belong at a noisy, crowed theme park- living in an artificial indoor facility with little to no exposure to natural sunlight- they belong in their natural habitat- THE OCEAN.


If Disney truly wishes to contribute to environmental research and help educate the public about these animals, they will make the humane choice and release these animals to seapens- allowing them to live in their natural habitat- the ocean -and receive rehabilitation.

We’re flooding Disney with letters, pressuring them to release their dolphins- join us!
By signing the petition, you are helping these dolphins get closer and closer to real freedom!


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